Peter Joseph Head Keeps Christmas Real

by Peter Joseph Head

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Christmas cops a dose of down to earth from PJH. Secular carols, okka ballads, manipulations on a theme.


released December 19, 2016

Fumiko Head - Rhodes
Jonathan Mendelovits - percussion
Miranda Hill - Double Bass



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Peter Joseph Head Melbourne, Australia

Upbeat, naive-pop, self-help meets rock-n-roll from Aussie-indie-anomaly & lover-of-hyphens.
He sings songs about everyday stuff. Just the important bits. In a fun way.
He wants you to dance and to do hand movements and to sing and to feel a little flutter in your heart.
Pop Matters says that he “proves pop music can both be accessible and adventurous”
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Track Name: (I'm Still Waiting For My) Christmas Miracle
The waves are big and the water is warm
And two days from Monday it'll be a new year
Who would have thought
You hold the glass
And I'll poor
I'm still waiting on my Christmas miracle
The wind is fierce
And the sea is tall
And the sun is sinking low into the ocean gold
It's beautiful
don't let the kids play
by the broken wall
And I'm sill waiting for my Christmas miracle
But you know
I'm still driving
Passed Albert park
Down to Phillip Island
I play diamonds
On my windshield
And watch the steam rise
In the rain fall
I'm still waiting on my Christmas miracle

The sound of the silver on porcelain
Mixes with the laughter and the chatter
And the talk talk talk
And the last race call
I raise my glass to your new store
I'm still waiting on my Christmas miracle
The smell from the kitchen my stomach rumbles
My glass is smudged
The beer in the jug has gone warm
Is that the time? Oh lord
I guess I just got caught
waiting for my Christmas miracle
Remember when we raced
Down to the warf
You can still see the marks
Where we let the engines roar
You know I'd still beat you
Any day at all
Still put my pedal
Right to the floor
But I'm still waiting on my Christmas miracle
The lights come on and the music stalls
How did those chairs get on the table? My shirt get so worn?
You look better than you ever did before
I'm still waiting on my Christmas miracle
And next year I'll come to your's
I'll show up at your house right at your front door
Take you for a ride
In my new sports car
And I'll be laughing out loud just like
Old Santa Claus
We'll go faster than we've ever done before
Just like we've lifted off, started to soar
I won't be waiting anymore
Im not waiting for my Christmas miracle
Track Name: Silent Night
Silent night holy night
All is calm all is bright
we're not Virgins we've been round a while
And that Christian God is just not our style
But when I'm here with you and you're here with me
We sleep in heavenly peace
Silent night wholly night
On night like this how could anyone fight
We've got the plastic tree up and we've turned on the lights
And some of them a flashing and others are not
I guess that's why you get when you buy cheap
But we've got our own electricity

Oh silent night
You're sanctified
Oh silent night
Your sky is wide
And those stars up there above
They don't belong to anyone
Don't belong to anything
Any man or religion
Those stars on high are for a silent night

Silent night holy night
It's been a log long year
And we're tired tired tired
So let's put the tv in a watch the celebrities
say If you could only see yourselves the way that I can see you
You'd know you're beautiful you're beautiful indeed
If you listen closely you can hear those angels breath
Track Name: Jingle Bells
10 years ago today
My grandma passed away
People said that it was fitting
That it was on Chrismtas day
She was a religious
Woman to the end
And they said where she was going
She was going with a friend
Jingle bells jingle all the way I don't know what it's like to ride on a one horse open sleigh
I don't know what the words they mean but I sing them anyway
On the 25th of December
The extended family
They would get together in honour of her memory
But as the years went by
they married and had kids
They all had their own families to be with at Christmas
They would sing jingle bells
And frank he had a shop
And the kids they all helped Out
And they couldn't come on Chrismtas day cause that's when they were busiest
So they said let's move it a week forward
Just like it was before
and who wants to drive on Christmas 4 hours maybe more
They said we can sing jingle bells
Now it is agreed
To meet the 18th of December
But when I think about my grandma
I still remember
How her mouth it was so dry
And I swabbed in the night
I was so grateful to be there
Just to say goodbye
And I sang to her jingle bells
And everybody sings jingle bells
We sing those Christmas melodies while the memories fade away
We don't know what the words they means but we sing them anyway
Track Name: Color Christmas
White Christmas
Blue Christmas
Anyway you colour Christmas its yours
Pour yourself a tall one
Make mine a small one
Anyway it's your pour Christmas this year

I hear those church bells ringing
but tonight I don't feel like singing
If I could just get myself dressed tonight

White Christmas
Blue Christmas
Anyway you colour Christmas is yours
I made it down by midnight
But my doors were locked up too tight
A turned and that's when I saw the way

Loosen up on that glass
Get up off your arse
Life's gonna get a little bit better everyday

White Christmas
Blue Christmas
Anyway you do Christmas is yours
There's something about that baby
He says he's here to save me
There's something about that baby is you

White Christmas blue Christmas anyway you do Christmas is real
Track Name: White Christmas
I'm dreaming of white Christmas
Just like the ones on the tv
Where all you need for miracles
Is to truly believe

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
Where all this hot food would make sense
There'd be no more sweating
And no more regretting
And I'd sleep through the night
Dreaming of white